I have a map that is larger than my tablet. Is it possible to digitize the objects into one Didger project?

Follow the steps below for digitizing from a map larger than the tablet.

  1. Divide the map into enough sections so that each will fit on the digitizing tablet. For each section, define between 3 and 256 calibration points.
  2. Calibrate the tablet according to the instructions for calibration.
  3. Digitize all the objects on that portion of the map. Save the work in a PJT file using File | Save As.
  4. Go to Map | Project Limits and change the X and Y limits to reflect the dimensions of the entire project area.
  5. Move the map so the next section is on the tablet. Go to Draw | Tablet | Tablet Calibration and click the Next button to go to Step Two.
  6. Clear the existing calibration points by clicking the Delete Point button. Type in the calibration points for this section of the map and complete the calibration of the tablet.
  7. Digitize all objects on this section of the map and save the file.
  8. Continue in this manner until you've completed the project.


Updated March 20, 2014

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