I drew a polyline on my raster Didger project and when I select it, the File | Export LAS File is grayed out?

To export a polyline to an LAS file, the polyline must be resampled.


In Didger 4 you can do this during export.


In Didger 3, this has to be done prior to export using the Tools | Resample Polylines command, which is only available in vector projects. Once the polyline is resampled, you will be able to export it to an LAS file. To do this in Didger 3:

  1. Export the polyline to a DXF file.
  2. Go to File | New | Import Vector and import the DXF file into a vector project.
  3. Select the polyline and go to Tools | Resample and resample the polyline.
  4. Select the polyline and use the File | Export LAS File command.


Updated March 20, 2014

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