How to export projected data from Didger to a vector or data file in units of Lat/Long.

In Didger 5, the exported units are always determined by the units listed in the Coordinate Manager. To export in different units, click Cancel in the Export dialog. Click on the Coordinate Manager and change the Display Units.


If you are using Didger 4, or if your map is in a Didger 3 raster project, simply click File | Export, choose the file type to export, enter the file name, and click Save. The Export Options dialog pops up. Click on the Projection Options tab and choose to export in Lat/Long (dec. deg) and click OK. The file will contain the coordinates of your project in Lat/Long degrees.


If you are in a Didger 3 vector project, the only way to export in Lat/Long coordinates is if your projection is set to Unprojected Lat/Long. Go to View | Change Projection and set the Category to World/Continental Projections and set the System to Unprojected Lat/Long and click OK. Then go to File | Export and export the file. If your vector project is in any projection other than Unprojected Lat/Long your file cannot be exported in Lat/Long (dec. deg) units.


Updated August 6, 2018

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