How can I import an image into Didger with the calibration (or georeferencing) data saved in a text file?

Didger supports four types of bitmap (or image) georeferencing: embedded GeoTIFF parameters, ESRI World file, Blue Marble RSF file, and Golden Software Reference GSR file. It is possible you might be able to convert the text file to an ESRI World file.

An ESRI World file is a simple text file that consists of 6 lines of information in the following format:

x resolution
amount of translation (usually 0)
amount of rotation (usually 0)
negative of the y resolution
x ground coordinate of pixel 1,1 (upper left)
y ground coordinate of pixel 1,1 (upper left)

The world file is saved with the first and last letters of the image extension followed by a W. So for TIF, it would be TFW (JPG would be JGW, PNG would be PGW, etc).

Updated October 20, 2016

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