I can't get the Create Polygons by IDs command to work in Didger.

There are a couple things that might help you when using the Create Polygons by IDs function in Didger:

  1. Make sure you have the Left Side and Right Side IDs set up correctly for the polylines. Go to Tools | Project Settings and on the Tolerance Settings tab, check the check box for Show Line Nodes and click OK.  The green nodes on the polylines are the starting nodes, and the red nodes are the ending nodes. To know which is the left and which is the right side, imagine standing on the polyline facing the red (ending) node.The Left ID would be for the area to your left and the Right ID would be the area on the right. All the IDs have to be the same for the interior of the polygon for the command to work.
  2. All the polylines also have to be snapped together for the command to work. You might want to go to Tools | Project Settings and on the Tolerance Settings tab, check the check box for Show Snap Tolerance Circles and click OK. You will see the snap tolerance circles around the ends of the polyline. The ends of the adjacent polylines must both be inside both snap tolerance circles for the polylines to snap together. If you do not see the snap tolerance circles, or they are too small, you need to increase the Snap Tolerance value under Tools | Project Settings on the Tolerance Settings tab. Once the ends are all within the snap tolerance circles of the adjacent polylines, then use the Draw | Snap All Polyline Segments command to snap them together and then try Draw | Create Polygons by IDs.

Updated October 12, 2016

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