How can I convert a 3D SHP file to an XYZ or GRD file using Didger 5?

To convert a 3D SHP to file to a XYZ data file or a Surfer GRD file in Didger, follow these steps:
  1. In Didger, click the File | Import command, select the 3D SHP file and click Open.
  2. If the Assign Coordinate System dialog appears, set the coordinate system and projection, if any exists in the SHP file. Click OK and the map is imported.
  3. Click the Map | Data | Edit Attribute Fields command.
  4. Set the Z-Level to the column that contains the Z values. This is often named ZLEVEL.
  5. Click OK and the Z values are defined in the SHP.
  6. If you want an XYZ data file,
    1. Click the File | Export command.
    2. Set the Save as type to DAT Golden Software Data (*.DAT) file.
    3. Type a File name and click Save.
    4. Set any other options in the Data Export Options dialog and click OK. A data file is created with the XYZ locations of the lines.
  7. If you want a Surfer GRD file,
    1. Click the Map | Surfer | Grid Data command.
    2. Set any gridding options and click OK.
    3. Depending on the options you selected, a GRD file is created and a map is created automatically in Surfer.
  8. Alternatively, instead of step 7, you can grid the data exported in step 6 in Surfer directly.
    1. In Surfer, click the Grid | Data command.
    2. Select the DAT file created from step 6 and click Open.
    3. Set any gridding options and click OK.
    4. A grid file is created. A map can be created by clicking the Map | New commands.

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Updated: July 17, 2018

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