How can I georeference a vector plot in Didger from a WMF?.

Metafiles consist of both raster and vector data. They are treated as vector files by Didger. 
Didger 5 will bring in both the vector and raster components of the metafile, but it will not bring up the Image Registration and Warping dialog. There are a couple things you can do to calibrate a WMF in Didger 5:

  1. You can "calibrate" a metafile (or any other vector file) after it is imported by clicking Map | Coordinate Conversion, toggling the Georeference option, and entering your calibration points.
  2. If the metafile only consists of images and no vector data (or if you delete the vector data after it is imported), you can select the images and click Image | Mosaic to create a single image, then click Image | Image Registration and Warping to calibrate it. If the metafile comes in as a single image, you can go straight to Image | Image Registration and Warping.

Updated June 8, 2018

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