How do I automatically import the free USGS aerial photos into Didger?

Didger 5 includes the new functionality to download an image from any WMS server. You can choose between predefined WMS server or add your own. To do so, use the Image | Download Online Maps command.

To import the free TerraServer imagery in Didger 4, go to Image | Download TerraServer Images. For the most complete information, go to Help | Help Topics and select "TerraServer Image Download" on the Index tab and choose to display either "Download Terraserver Images" or "Downloading Images - Tutorial".

Some tips and basic explanations are included below:

1. TerraServer Image Type: Choose the type of imagery you want form the Select Type drop down menu (upper right). You have the option of USGS Urban Areas (color aerial photos), DOQs (grayscale aerial photos), or DRGs (color contour maps).

2. Select Center Location Coordinate:
Enter in the coordinates of the center of the location you want to download in either Lat/Long or UTM coordinates. If you do not know the coordinates, click the Location Search button, type in the name and state of the location of interest and click Search. Select the location from the list and click OK. The coordinates will be automatically entered.

3. Tiles to Download: Select the number of tiles to download in the X and Y directions. The minimum number of tiles to download is 3 and the maximum number is 35.

4. Preview Tiles: Click Download Tiles to preview the selection in the preview window. You can change the center location, number of tiles to download, or the image type and click Download Tiles again to see the changes. Alternatively, you can click the Navigation arrows to nudge the view up, down, or to the side slightly.

5. Once the image you want is displayed in the preview window, click Load and the image will load georeferenced into your Didger project.

Please note that connectivity to TerraServer has been on and off over the past year or so. Golden Software does not control the availability on any online server.

Updated: October 12, 2016

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