I can't digitize my calibration points with my WACOM Intuos 3 tablet and digitizing pen using Didger 4.

A customer reports that with his WACOM Intuos 3 and digitizing pen, the tablet information was reported correctly under Help | Wintab Info but when he went to Digitize | Tablet Calibration and clicked on his calibration points in step 2, the Tablet X and Tablet Y fields were always populated with 0's or Didger stopped completely. The blue dot moved around in the preview window and Activate Tablet was checked.


He reports that the problem was that the standard settings for the WACOM pen do not work. The solution is to change the pen setting for the WACOM pen so it sends a "right-click" signal when you press the pen tip on the tablet. Use WACOMs software to change the setting for the tablet and pen.


Updated May 1, 2018

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