How do I convert/change the projection of a Surfer GRD file in Didger 5?

To convert the projection of a Surfer GRD file in Didger, the steps are:
  1. Open Didger 5 and go to File | Import.
  2. Select the GRD file and click Open.
  3. In the Assign Coordinate System dialog, choose Projected Coordinates and select the appropriate projection and datum. This is the projection that the grid file is currently in. Click OK.
  4. Once the file is imported, go to Map | Change Projection.
  5. Change the projection information to the projection/datum you want, and click OK.
  6. Now the file is converted and you can export it again (File | Export and export to a DAT file that you can regrid in Surfer) or use Map | Surfer | Grid Data to create a new GRD file.

Updated May 30, 2018

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