Can I install and run Didger 5 over a network?

Didger 5 can be installed on a network file server from any computer on the network with read/write access to the server.  In the Didger setup, when prompted to choose the installation directory, change the directory to the network file path, i.e.

\\ServerName\Some\Sub\Directory\Didger 5\

 You will need to enter this path manually as the installation program does not allow browsing of network paths.  You will need to run this setup routine on every system that is to run Didger over the network.

The Didger licence agreement allows one user per license.  If multiple users are to use Didger you will need to purchase a license for each user.  Discounted volume pricing is available when four or more licenses are purchased. You can view the pricing options on our website.  


Updated: April 4, 2018.

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