Tools | Surfer | Create Base Map Commands Grayed Out in Didger

We have had a few Surfer 10 and Didger 4 users report that the Tools | Surfer | Create Base Map and the Tools | Surfer | Grid Data commands from Didger 4 are grayed out.   This issue is isolated to new Surfer 10 users or Surfer 10 users that have uninstalled the previous versions Surfer that they had installed on their machines prior to installing Surfer 10.  When this issue appears, Didger 4 is looking for a registry key that Surfer 10 does not write. 

An easy solution to this issue is to create the registry key that was not created by Surfer 10 when it was installed.  Here are the steps to create the key:

1.  Close both Surfer and Didger.

2.  Click Start and in the Start Search box, type regedit.

3.  In the registry, open HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Golden Software | Surfer.

4.  Right click on Surfer and choose New | Key.

5.  Type the number 9 and press Enter on the keyboard.

6.  Close the registry.

7.  Open Didger and try the Tools | Surfer commands.  They should now be available.

Some users that have Surfer 10 and older versions installed on the same machine at the same time have reported a similar issue.  When they use the Tools | Surfer | Create Base Map and Tools | Surfer | Grid Data commands, these actions are performed in an older installed version; not in Surfer 10 as expected.  To fix this issue, the older versions need to be uninstalled and the steps from above need to be implemented.

Note:  Please be very careful when editing the registry and do not change any other files or settings other than listed in these instructions. This issue has been fixed with the release of Didger 5.

Updated April 2, 2018

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