How can I make a MapViewer map that shows just one county of a state?

To create a map from just one county of a state, follow these instructions:
  1. Click Map | Create Map | Base.
  2. In the Import dialog, choose your state boundary file from the MapViewer 8\Samples directory and click Open. The county files are named by the state abbreviation followed by the year (2010). For example, if I wanted a county in Nevada, I would choose NV2010.gsb and click Open.
  3. In the Import Options dialog, choose the attributes you wish to import, and click OK. This loads a base map of all the counties in the state.
  4. Select the country you want to keep, either by clicking on it in the map or by clicking on it in the Object Manager. Alternatively, you can go to Home | Tools, type the county name into the Search box, and press Enter to select that county.
  5. Click Arrange | Selection | Invert to select all of the counties you do not want to keep.
  6. Press Delete.
  7. Click Map | Plot | Plot Properties.
  8. In the Scale tab of the Property Manager, change the XY relationship to Current and then change the Scale method to Fit to page.

Now you can use File | Export to export the GSB if you want to use it in the future, or you can just start creating your map by clicking Map | Create Map | <map type>.

Updated February 27, 2015

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