How can I cut an object in two in MapViewer?

The steps used to cut an object into two depends on the type of object you have to begin with. To determine the type of object, click once on the object to select it. In the Object Manager, the icon next to the object name specifies what type of object it is.


For a curve object (polyline or spline polyline )

  1. Select the curve.
  2. Click Boundary | Edit Polylines | Break Polyline.
  3. Click on the curve where you want to divide it.


For an area object (polygon  or spline polygon )

  1. Use the Draw | Curve command to draw a curve across the area where you want to divide it.  Have the curve start and end outside of the area.
  2. Select both the curve and the area objects.
  3. Use the Boundary | New Boundaries | Divide Polygons command to divide the area.


For a symmetric shape (rectangle , square , rounded rectangle , rounded square , ellipse , or circle )

  1. Select the symmetric shape.
  2. Convert it to an area object using the Boundary | Edit Boundaries | Change Boundary Type | Symmetric Shape to Polygon command.
  3. Follow the instructions above for an area object.


Updated October 6, 2016

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