How do I create a map of the Pacific Ocean in MapViewer? The problem is the International Date Line where the longitude goes from -180 to +180 degrees.

MapViewer uses coordinates that increase in the X and Y directions.  There is not a way to center on 180°/-180°. 

To work around the problem, you can either:

Method 1: Create two maps. One for the left side, from 0° to 180°, and another for the right side from -180° to 0. Then use the Arrange | Align Objects commands to arrange them so they line up. You should not overlay them, since that will move them back.

Method 2: Add 360 to the X coordinate. 

Method 3: Use a file like Pacificp.gsb (attached) to display the base map with positive coordinates from -30 to 360.

Pacificp.gsb base map in MapViewer.

Pacificp.gsb base map in MapViewer converted to Mercator projection.
Updated September 29, 2016
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