Why doesn't my MapViewer pin map update when I reopen it after changing the data?

When you make a pin map, it results in the creation of a number of map objects (points). When you save the map, these point objects are saved in the GSM file. When the map is re-opened, the pin map is NOT re-created from scratch, since these point objects are already in the GSM file.


So, if you change the data from which the pin map was made, close and reopen the file, you should still see the same point objects as before the data changed. The symbols used for the points could change if they were based on data in the file and posted data labels could change, but it would still be the same set of point locations as before.


To update the pin map in MapViewer 8, click Home | Data | Reload  for the pin map layer. In MapViewer 7, click File | Reload Data.


Older versions of MapViewer did not have the File | Reload Data command. To reload the data in these version, select the Map | Pin Map command or click on the pin map icon on the toolbar. In the Pin Map dialog, on the General tab, click the open file icon next to the current file name. Choose the same file name and worksheet as before, then click OK to close the Pin Map dialog. This recreates the pin map from the new data.


Updated October 6, 2016

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