How can I add a North arrow to my map in MapViewer?

To add a North arrow in MapViewer, follow these steps:
  1. Create a new point object using the Draw | Shape | Point command.
  2. Click on the screen where you want the north arrow to be displayed, and then press Esc to exit drawing mode. 
  3. Click on the the point to select it. 
  4. In the Property Manager, click the Symbol tab
  5. Click in the Symbol Set field where the current font name is displayed.  Select GSI Default Symbols or GSI North Arrows from the dropdown list.  
  6. Click in the Symbol field where the current symbol is displayed.  In the dropdown list, select a new symbol to be used for the north arrow. 
  7. If desired, change the Size to make your north arrow larger.   
  8. With the symbol still selected, click Arrange | Rotate | Rotate to rotate the symbol so it lines up with the North orientation.

Updated September 29, 2016


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