Can Grapher create a Piper plot? If so, how?

This article provides information about how to create a water quality piper plot diagram in Grapher.

Grapher cannot directly create a Piper plot. However, through a small workaround, Grapher is capable of producing these plots. 

Grapher 12 piper plot
A sample piper plot created in Grapher.


A sample plot and data file are attached. A second sample filie uses colored symbols as labels is also attached. In addition, a sample is contained in the Samples directory for Grapher 12.

Both data files displays ID, cations, anions, and two combined columns. The anions in columns E, F, and G (highlighted in blue below) should be normalized to add up to 100%. The cations in column B, C, and D (highlighted in red below) should be normalized to add up to 100%. After the columns are normalized the worksheet can be used to create the piper plot. Columns I and J (highlighted in green below) use a formula to create combined data. The piper for grapher colors.xlsx file contains color names and a symbol in column K. Columns L and M are used to label the cation bottom left ternary diagram.

Grapher piper data
Verify that the cations and anions add to 100 before creating the piper plot.

If you would like a more direct way to create a piper diagram in Grapher, please let us know.


Updated July 7, 2016

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