Can Grapher create a Piper Plot (Trilinear Diagram)? If so, how?

Yes, Grapher 13 added this functionality, so now you can create Piper Plots quicker than ever.
To create your Piper plots, please use one of the methods below:
  • Click Home | New Graph | Ternary | Piper Plot
  • Click Home | New Graph | Ternary | Piper Class Scatter Plot

The file piper.dat in the Grapher 14 samples directory can be used as a template worksheet for your own water chemistry data.

Graph Piper Plot
A classed Piper plot created from the piper.dat file in the Grapher 14 samples folder.
The Graph will be divided into 13 components :
  • The Diamond, Anion and Cation plots, which plot the data points from the spreadsheet. 
  • 4 Diamond plot axes
  • 3 Anion plot axes
  • 3 Cation plot axes
For more information on creating and editing piper plots in Grapher 13, see the Piper Plots (Trilinear Diagrams) training video.
For Grapher 12 and earlier:
Grapher 12 and earlier cannot directly create a Piper plot, however it is still possible using the workflow in this article: Can I Create Piper Plots In Earlier Versions Of Grapher?


Updated September 17, 2018

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