Does Grapher include hardcopy documentation?

Grapher includes a short printed Quick Start Guide, which is intended to be a brief preview of the program. It contains installation instructions, shows examples of each of the graphs that Grapher can create, explains the various Grapher windows and layout, and contains a tutorial.

The full product documentation is available in the help system or on our website. To access the help in the program, open Grapher and click the button in the upper right corner of the program. Alternatively, click the Home | Help | Contents command.


A full PDF user's guide can be purchased for $25 US by clicking BUY NOW on the Grapher Product page. The PDF contains all of the same information that is in the help system, but it is organized in a book format.


Other Help Resources:
Other help resources are available on the internet. The FAQs, knowledge base, forums, newsletter articles, blog, training videos, and recorded webinars are all additional locations where you can learn more about the program. You can find links to those in the Does Golden Software Offer Grapher Training? knowledge base article.


Updated January 11, 2018

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