How can I save my Grapher graph to a PDF file?

There are three ways to create a PDF file from your Grapher graph: exporting a vector PDF, exporting a raster PDF, or printing to a PDF printer driver.

Method 1: Export Vector PDF
Click the File | Export command. Set the Save as type to PDF (Vector)(*.pdf), enter a File name, and click Save. Set any PDF properties and click OK. This creates a relatively small PDF file where individual objects can be edited. The vector PDF can be edited with Adobe's Acrobat program.

Method 2: Export Raster PDF
Click the File | Export command. Set the Save as type to PDF (Raster)(*.pdf), enter a File name, and click Save. Set any image export properties and click OK. The PDF contains a single image that represents the graph. No further editing of the objects in the PDF file is possible because the graph is stored as a bitmap within the PDF. This option tends to generate larger PDF files.

Method 3: Print to a PDF Printer Driver
A number of software programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, install a printer driver that will create a PDF file. If you have a program like this, you can create a PDF from Grapher by clicking the File | Print command and setting the Printer to the PDF print driver. PDFs created in this manner generally contain vector objects rather than bitmaps, so the file size is typically smaller than a raster PDF exported directly from Grapher.

If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat or another program that creates PDFs, you can download and install a free PDF creator program, such as CutePDF or BullZIP PDF.


Updated September 27, 2018

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