Where can I find Grapher script examples?

There are a number of locations where sample Grapher scripts can be found.  These include:

On the Web:


In the Program:

  • Full script samples are included with Grapher. Scripts are located in the C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Grapher \Samples\Scripts folder.
  • Full script samples and snippets for all methods and properties are included in the program's help file. Click the Automation | Help | Grapher Automation Help command to open the help, or navigate to http://grapherhelp.goldensoftware.com/#t=automisc%2FIntroducing_Scripter.htm in a web browser.
  • Grapher has a script recorder available with the Automation | Scripts | Record command. This records all of the steps performed after Record is clicked. More information about using the script recorder can be found in the article Creating a Script using Grapher's Script Recorder.


Updated August 2019




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