How can I see the value of a point on my graph in Grapher?

To see the XY value of a point on your graph, there are two things that you can do.  You can either use the Display value on click option or you can use the Digitize option.  Both are discussed below.


Method 1:
To display the value when you click on a point on the plot, click the File | Options command. On the left side of the dialog, click on the Plots option. On the right side of the dialog, check the box next to the Display value on click option.

Grapher's Options dialog

Click OK. Now when you click and hold on a point on the plot,

example of the coordinates displayed in the status bar

the XY values will be shown in the status bar for as long as the mouse button is held.


Method 2:
You can also use the Graph Tools | Digitize | Digitize or Graph Tools | Digitize | Digitize Fixed commands to get XY values from a plot. The difference is Digitize Fixed will only let you select a point in the data, where Digitize will allow you to click anywhere on the plot. When you click on the plot, the XY values are displayed in a Grapher - Report window.


Updated September 21, 2018

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