Display the value of a point on my graph in Grapher

To see the XY values of any point on your graph, you can tell Grapher to display these values in the Options menu, or use the Graph Tools | Digitize commands.

Display XY point values using the Options menu

To display the value when you click on a point on the plot, click the File | Options command. On the left side of the dialog, click on the Plots option. On the right side of the dialog, check the box next to the Display value on click option.

Options Dialog.png

Click OK. Now when you click and hold on a point on the plot,

Clicking to show data value.png

the XY values will be shown in the status bar for as long as the mouse button is held.

Data value in status bar.png


Display XY point values using the Graph Tools | Digitize commands

The Graph Tools | Digitize | Digitize and Graph Tools | Digitize | Digitize Fixed commands make it easy to see your XY values and record these values to a data file.

  • Graph Tools | Digitize | Digitize Fixed displays the XY values for only those points contained within your plot data.

  • Graph Tools | Digitize activates a display for any plot location you click on. XY values are displayed in a Grapher - Report window as you click on your plot.

Display Worksheet Values for X and Y When Clicking on a Graph

  1. Click the File | Options command.
  2. On the left side of the Options dialog, click the Plots option in the Environment section.
  3. On the right side, check the box in the Display value on click field.
  4. To highlight the value in the worksheet, check the box in the Highlight worksheet field.
    Options Dialog.png
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click on the plot name in the Object Manager to select it.
  7. If the worksheet is not already opened, click Graph Tools | Worksheet | Display.
  8. Click on a point on the graph and the X and Y values are highlighted in the worksheet.

Display values by clicking on Graph.png
The mouse is hovered over the point (2001, 56466) and the X and Y values in the worksheet are highlighted at the data point where the plot has been clicked.


Updated September 2023

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