How do I show the Grapher polar plot angle axis labels as compass direction instead of degrees?

The angle axis can show numbers, indicating degrees, radians, or grads. Alternatively, a worksheet column can be used to show other information, such as compass direction. To display compass direction on the axis, follow these steps.


  1. Create a worksheet that has the angle direction and compass text in two separate columns. The Angle column contains the angle direction in degrees where the axis label should be located. The Compass column contains the label text that you would like displayed for each label.

Column A contains the angle direction.
Column B contains the label text.

  1. Create the polar plot as normal by clicking the appropriate Home | New Graph | Polar command.
  2. Click Angle Axis 1 in the Object Manager to select it.
  3. In the Property Manager,click the Labels tab.
  4. Click in the Label source field and select From worksheet.
  5. Click None in the Worksheet field. In the list, select the worksheet created in step 1. You may need to click Browse and select the worksheet in the Open Worksheet dialog if the file is not already open.
  6. Set the Data variable to the Angle column.
  7. Set the Label varible to the Compass column.


The graph will now show the direction labels. You can have as many or few directions as you want. Note in the original worksheet, some rows did not have labels. These are shown on the graph as tick marks with no labels. The angle value should be included anywhere a tick mark is desired.

The polar graph is displaying the compass direction instead of degrees.


If you would like the ability to add compass direction labels directly through the axis properties, please let us know!


Updated October 4, 2018

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