Can Grapher create a notched box plot?

Yes, Grapher can create a notched box plot. To create a notched box-whisker plot displaying a confidence interval about the median value in Grapher:
  1. Click the Home | New Graph | Statistical | Notched Vertical Box Plot (Grapher 12 Notched Box-Whisker Plot) command or the Home | New Graph | Statistical | Notched Horizontal Box Plot (Grapher 12 Notched Box-Whisker Plot) command.
  2. In the Open Worksheet dialog, select the data file and click Open. The default notched box-whisker plot is created.
  3. Click on the Box-Whisker Plot 1 in the Object Manager to select the box plot.
  4. In the Property Manager, click on the Plot tab.
  5. If desired, you can edit the notch Factor. The notch Factor is the value multiplied by the standard deviation of the median. The default notch Factor of 1.7 approximately shows 95% confidence in the median. If you would like to increase the degree of confidence in the median values, increase the notch Factor. For most cases, a value of 1.96 would show approximately 99% confidence in the median. A smaller value would result in a more conservative a test of the confidence. Appropriate values range between approximately 1.3 and 1.96. To edit the value, highlight the existing value and type the desired value. Press ENTER on the keyboard to make the change.

Grapher 12 Notched Box-Whisker Plot

A Vertical and Horizontal Notched Box-Whisker Plot with
notch Factor set to 1.7.


Updated November 30, 2017

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