How do I read Excel data formatted as a date into Surfer?

Surfer can read date/time data in an Excel file as long as it is formatted as either Date or Time (not as Text, General or Number). Open the file in Excel, select the cells and make sure they are formatted as Date or Time, save the file and Surfer will recognize the date or time formatting.

Surfer 11 and previous versions did not have the ability to read different date formats. In these cases, you may be able to convert your date to a numeric value corresponding to the date format in Excel. If the date is in any format in cell B1, add a formula to cell C1 to convert the number to text, then convert the text to a value.

= VALUE(TEXT(B1,"yyyymmdd"))

Please consult your Excel documentation for more information about functions in Excel.


Updated October 20, 2017

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