How can I draw the contour lines and fill right up to the fault line in Surfer?

Q. I have an issue with making contour maps that contain faults. I get a contour map with an empty envelope around my fault line. How can I get the contour lines and fill to go up to the fault line and not have the blanked area around it?


A. Surfer assigns NoData values to the grid cell when a fault BLN line crosses the cell, therefore the grid cells around the fault line will contain NoData values. There is not a way to work around this, however, you can minimize the NoData area around the fault lines by decreasing the size of the grid cells (increasing the grid resolution). To do this, you can click Home | Grid Data | Grid Data and re-grid the data with the fault file, specifying smaller grid cells (increase the # of Nodes or decrease the Spacing in the Grid Data dialog) or you can resample the grid file to a higher resolution.


Alternatively, you can try increasing the width of the fault line in the contour map to cover some of the NoData area. 


Updated October 16, 2018

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