How do I create a custom GRD file with additional information?

Use the GRD Surfer 6 Text Grid formats to add information to the bottom of the grid (GRD) file.  Surfer does not use any information after the last Z value in the GRD file. 

One use for this procedure is to add a text version of the gridding report to the end of the file. Surfer does not read this information, but you can view the information in a text editor.

GRD Surfer 6 Text Grid

  nCols nRows
  xMin xMax
  yMin yMax
  zMin zMax
  z11 z21 z31 ...
  ... znCols znRows
  <additional text or data>

 For more information on the Surfer 6 Text Grid file format, please see here.



Updated October 16, 2018


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