How do I export a Surfer wireframe to AutoCAD?

You can convert the Surfer GRD to an AutoCAD SCR script file that will draw the 3D wireframe in AutoCAD by following these steps:
  1. The AutoCAD wireframe has a limit of 256 grid lines in the X and Y direction. If your grid is larger, use the Grids | Resize | Extract or Grids | Resize | Mosaic commands to reduce the size of the grid.
  2. Click Grids | Edit | Convert and convert the GRD file to DAT XYZ (*.dat) file.
  3. Open the DAT file in the Notepad or WordPad.
  4. First, the X, Y and Z values need to be comma delimited. If they are not comma delimited, click Edit | Replace, enter a space for Find what and enter a comma for Replace with. Click Replace All to replace all the spaces with a comma, and then click Cancel to close the dialog.
  5. Insert a blank row at Row 1, and add the SCR header:
    1. 3dmesh nRows nColumns
    2. where nRows and nColumns are the number of rows and columns in the grid file.  Simply have a single space between these values in the header (no commas).
  6. If you have blanked nodes in the grid, use the Edit | Replace function in Notepad to replace the blanked Z values (1.70141E+38) with the minimum Z value for the grid file.
  7. Click File | Save As to save the changes to a file name with the SCR extension and enclosed in double-quotes (e.g. "wireframe.scr").
  8. Run the SCR file in AutoCAD. For example, in AutoCAD 2002, click Tools | Run Script.
  9. You can use the 3D Orbit tool in AutoCAD (View | 3D Orbit) to change the rotation and tilt.

Surfer wireframe opened in Autocad

Updated September 11, 2017


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