I would like to make separate layers for the lakes, rivers, and rapids in the hydrography DLG for a particular quadrangle. How do I import USGS SDTS DLG files by attribute in Surfer?

To import USGS SDTS DLG files by attribute:
  1. Click Home | New Map | Base, and specify one of the [.DDF] files in the hydrography DLG, and click Open.
  2. In the SDTS-TVP Import Options dialog, in the Selection Criteria group, change the By Attribute Name from (ALL) to ENTITY_LABEL.
  3. Enter the attribute code (major plus minor code) in the Value edit box. 
    • Lakes are 0500421
    • Rivers are 0500412
    • Rapids are 0500400
  4. Click OK and the base map is created.

For a complete list of USGS DLG attribute codes, refer to Appendix 3.0.B (page 59) of the USGS Data User Guide.


Updated October 24, 2017

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