How do I import an SDTS DLG file in lat/long coordinates? Surfer imports it in UTM meters.

In Surfer, you can import the DLG in UTM and then convert the map to display lat/long. To do this:
  1. Click Home | New  Map| Base | Base, select the DLG and click OK. The DLG file is imported in UTM coordinates. The coordinate system for the base layer should already be filled in.
  2. Select Map in the Contents window.
  3. In the Properties window click the Coordinate System tab.
  4. Click the Change button.
  5. Select Predefined | Geographic (lat/lon) and select your datum (usually World Geodetic System 1984).
  6. Click OK and the map is converted to Lat/Long units.

 Using Surfer 7 or 8, in the SDTS-TVP Import Options dialog, check the check box in the lower left for Unproject Coordinates, then click OK.

Updated October 24, 2017

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