How do I import and/or export a TIF with a TFW world file into Surfer?

You do not need to do anything special to import a georeferenced image file. Click Home | New Map | Base, select the TIF file and click Open. If the image is georeferenced, it will import in the correct map coordinates.


To export a TIF/TFW file from Surfer, you can:

  1. Click File | Export.
  2. Choose to export it as a TIF file and click Save.
  3. In the Export Options dialog, click the Spatial References tab.
    1. For the Coordinate System, choose which coordinate system you wish to export the spatial referencing in (usually, this would be set to Map).
    2. Check the check box next to the format you wish to save the referencing in (i.e. ESRI World File).
  4. Click OK and the TIF/TFW file is exported.


Updated September 18, 2017

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