Create a bubble map in Surfer

A proportional symbol map, or bubble map, is a map containing symbols that are sized based on a data value.

Bubble map created in Surfer
Bubble map created using the Surfer post map with
proportional symbol sizes.


To create this type of map in Surfer:

  1. Click Home | New Map | Post.
  2. Select the data file and click Open. The map is created with the default parameters.
  3. Select the Post layer in the Contents window.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Symbol tab.
  5. Expand the Symbol Properties section.
  6. Click in the Symbol field and select the desired symbol, such as the open or filled circle symbols.
  7. Under Symbol Size, set the Sizing method to Proportional.
  8. Click the Scaling button to display the Proportional Scaling dialog. 
  9. Set the Worksheet Column Containing Height to the data column to control the symbol size.
  10. Specify the desired Symbol Height and Data Value to map the symbol size to the data values, then click OK.

Proportional scaling dialog
Specify the Worksheet Column Containing Height, Symbol
Height, and Data Values to control the symbol sizes.


Updated September 3, 2020

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