Where can I check what the current version of Surfer is?

To check the current version of Surfer, visit the Surfer Version History page.


To find the version you are currently running, click the Help | About Surfer or the File | About Surfer command in the program. To update to the newest minor version for your major version, click the Help | Check for Update or the File | Online | Check for Update command in the program.


To check if your license is eligible to upgrade to the newest major version, you can log into the My Account portal on our website. Click on My Products. All serial numbers available for upgrade and product keys with expired maintenance can be added to your shopping cart from here.

Click Upgrade to Surfer v16 for $279 to place an upgrade for your serial number license in your shopping cart.


Click Renew now for $153 to place an renewal for your product key license maintenance in your shopping cart.


Updated October 29, 2018

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