When I grid the same data in an older version of Surfer and again in a newer version of Surfer using Radial Basis Function, my results are different

The Surfer 7 implementation of the Radial Basis Function gridding method was based upon interpretation of some early papers introducing the method. This method was used in Surfer 7 through Surfer 10 (excluding Surfer 8.00 and 8.01). In the last fifteen years or so there has been a great deal of theoretical and practical research into the details of Radial Basis Function interpolation. Surfer 11 and all subsequent versions of Surfer use the currently accepted definitions of the actual basis functions.


The Surfer 7 Radial Basis implementation smooths over most of the local variation in the data, while the Surfer 11 (and higher) Radial Basis implementation is a perfect interpolator.


If you want to reproduce the same grid created with the Surfer 7 Radial Basis Function in a newer version of the software, grid the data using Kriging with a linear variogram plus a nugget effect with a relatively large error variance.


Updated September 13, 2017

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