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  • Ankhbayar Majaa
    Ankhbayar Majaa


    I have the error during i import the point cloud (XYZ) data. This data has over 10 million point. And i have the pc 32 GB memory.

    But i have got still the this error "insufficient memory".

    I have Surfer 9. (do i need a update or should i change a settings some where)

    Can anyone help me?

  • Katie Yoder
    Katie Yoder

    Surfer 9 is a 32-bit program so it cannot take full advantage of the additional memory available on 64-bit systems.  As a 32-bit program, it is limited to a maximum of 2 GB of memory (half the maximum of 4GB allowed for 32-bit operating systems). 

    I would recommend upgrading to Surfer 14 to take full advantage of your computer's processing power.  Download the free trial to test the improved processing and all of the new features!


  • Ankhbayar Majaa
    Ankhbayar Majaa

    thanks Katie


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