How can I convert the Z units in my grid/DEM file from feet to meters, or vice versa?

You can convert the Z values of a grid file from meters to feet (or between any linear unit) using Surfer's Grid Math function.

To do this:
  1. Click Grids | Calculate | Math.
  2. In the Grid Math dialog, click the Add Grids button.
  3. Select the DEM or grid file you wish to convert and click Open.This grid is entered as input grid file (A).
  4. Enter the function with the conversion factor. For converting feet to meters, enter A/3.28083. For converting meters to feet, enter A*3.28083.
  5. Click the Change Filename folder icon to change the file name or file location of the new grid.
  6. Click OK and the new grid file is created.


Updated October 24, 2018

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