How do I know if Surfer supports my coordinate system?

Surfer comes with hundreds of predefined coordinate systems and datums.  You can access and view the projection library in:
  • The worksheet:
    • Click Data | Coordinate System | Assign Coordinate System.
    • Click Data | New Projected Coordinates, click the (...) button next to the Source Coordinate System or Target Coordinate System.
  • The plot window:
    • Click Grids | Edit | Assign Coordinate System, select a grid file and click Open.
    • Click Map in the Contents window and in the Properties window click the Coordinate System tab. Click the Change button.
    • Click the layer (i.e. Contours) in the Contents window and in the Properties window click the Coordinate System tab. Click the Set button.

Once in the Assign Coordinate System dialog, you can find your projection or coordinate system. Here are some tips:

  1. Enter the EPSG number or a part of the coordinate system name in the search bar and click the Search button.
  2. If your data is in latitude and longitude, expand the Geographic (lat/lon) section and select the datum of your lat/long data. Usually, this is World Geodetic System 1984.
  3. If your data is in a predefined system (ie. some regional projection or coordinate system, UTM or State Plane), expand the Projected Systems section and drill down from there.
  4. If your data is in a projection (ie. Lambert Conformal Conic) that requires user input (ie. Central Meridian), click the New button. Give the new projection a name, specify the base projection, the projection parameters, select a datum (or make a custom datum) and click OK.

If you will use a particular projection over and over again, click the Add to Favorites button. This makes that particular projection easy to find and access by including it under the Favorites section.

If you need to use a coordinate system that is not listed, you can define it using these steps, as long as the projection and the datum already exist in Surfer. If the datum and/or projection do not yet existing in Surfer, please contact us.


Updated November 5, 2018

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