Where should I change my line or fill properties for my base map items in Surfer?

In Surfer, you can change the fill or line properties for items in a base map either globally, individually, or using base symbology.

1. Changing Properties Individually.
Surfer allows you to select individual items in a base map and change individual properties. To do this, select the object in the Plot window that you want to change, or expand the Base(vector) map layer in the Contents window and select the specific item. Edit the properties for that item in the Properties window. The changes will only affect that one item.

Change the fill properties in Surfer for individual object
Select the actual object in
the base layer either in the Plot
window or under the
Base(vector) layer
object in the Contents window

2. Changing Properties Globally.
To globally edit the properties (for example, changing the line color for all lines in the base layer), select the Base(vector) layer object in the Contents window. In the Properties window, on the General tab, open the property section for the property you wish to change (Line, Fill, Font or Symbol Properties), and make your changes.

Change the fill properties in Surfer for all objects
Select Base(vector) in the Contents window to
open the general properties
in the Properties window.

2. Changing Base Symbology.

The properties of Base(vector) map layers with attributes can be changed through base layer symbology, or thematic mapping. Details on how to do so are in this article: How Can I Color Code Objects In My Base Layer By Attribute Value?


Updated November 10, 2021

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