Can I set the defaults in Surfer to not show the axes?

There is not a way to set the default in Surfer to not add an axis when creating a map, but you can set the defaults so that the axis is invisible and the tick marks and labels are not shown. 

To change the defaults:

  1. Click File | Defaults.
  2. On the right side, scroll down in the Settings list about 2/3 of the way and expand Map Left Axis.
  3. Select lxLine and change the Setting value to "Black" "Invisible" 0. This changes the axis line style to be invisible.
  4. Change the Setting persistence to Always reset.
  5. Select lxMajTT and change the Setting value to None. This turns off the tick marks.
  6. Change the Setting persistence to Always reset.
  7. Select lxShowLab and change the Setting value to No. This turns off the axis labels.
  8. Change the Setting persistence to Always reset.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for the Map Right Axis, Map Bottom Axis, and Map Top Axis.
  10. Click OK and save the changes to the SET file.


Now when you create a map, the axes will still be there but they will be completely invisible.


Updated September 19, 2017


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