Why do I get "Print aborted Code = -1" when I try to print from Surfer?

The most common cause of the Surfer error "Print aborted Code = -1" is insufficient memory on the printer. 

You may be able to work around the problem by:

  1. Changing the printer settings to use memory on the computer rather than printer memory.  For example, print directly to the printer instead of spooling the documents.
  2. When printing from the Help, choose to print only the selected topics, do not choose to print the selected heading and all subtopics.
  3. Printing to a file and copying the file to the printer.
  4. Printing to a PDF driver, opening the PDF in Adobe Reader and printing from there.
  5. There may be other printer driver settings that can help print a large plot.
  6. There may be newer printer drivers for your printer on the HP web site that have additional features.
  7. You can reduce the physical size of the map.
  8. You can reduce the size of the SRF file you are printing. If the project contains images in it, try resampling the images to a lower resolution and reinserting them in the project to lower the memory requirements.


Updated October 25, 2018


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