What is Surfer's Track Cursor command?

Surfer's Track Cursor command lets you correlate your cursor location across multiple windows or multiple plots. Specifically, the Track Cursor command works in these ways: 

  1. It works between a post map in a plot window and a data file opened in the worksheet.
    It allows you to click on a post map, and the closest point in the post map to where you clicked will be highlighted in the worksheet window (and vice versa). See this article for an example of using Track Cursor with a post map: How Can I Interactively Edit Or Remove Points From A Data Set Or Post Map In Surfer?

  2. It works a between a grid opened in the Grid Node Editor and a map in the plot window.
    It allows you to click a grid node in the Grid Node Editor, and the location of that node will be highlighted on the map in the plot window (and vice versa).

  3. It works between maps in the same plot window.
    It allows you to click on any map, and the same location will be marked on all the other maps in the plot window.


Updated November 2, 2018

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