How can I move my Surfer post map labels so they don't overlap?

You can reposition the placement of labels in a post map or classed post map in Surfer. This is useful to display all labels in the map and not have them overlap. To move the labels:
  1. In the Contents window right-click the Post or Classed Post layer and click Edit Post Labels.
  2. In the plot window, click a label and drag it to the desired position. Release the mouse to place the label.
  3. Continue to reposition all labels, as desired.
  4. When finished, press the ESC key on the keyboard.


To edit the properties of the labels and leader lines:

  1. In the Contents window, click the Post or Classed Post layer.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Labels tab.
  3. Edit the font and label properties in the Label Set 1 section, and the leader line properties in the Leader Lines section.


To reset the labels to the default position:

  1. In the Contents window, click the Post or Classed Post layer.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Labels tab.
  3. Change the Position relative to symbol to any other position.
  4. In the Post Map Properties pop up, select Yes to restore default label positions.


Updated November 2, 2017


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