How can I export just a single contour line from Surfer?

To export a single contour line from Surfer, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Contours layer in the Contents window.
  2. Click the Levels tab in the Properties window.
  3. Set the Level method to Advanced, and click the Edit levels button.
  4. Change the contour levels so that only the level you want to export exists.
  5. Click OK. The map should show you only that contour line.
  6. Turn off the axes in the Contents window (uncheck them) so you only see the contour line on the screen.
  7. Then click File | Export and export the contour line to a BLN file (or whatever file format you desire), OR click Map Tools | Layer Tools | Export Contours to quickly export in DXF or SHP format.


If more than one contour line was drawn for that level, and hence is exported to the BLN file, you can remove the extra lines by adding these steps to above:

  1. Click Home | New Map | Base | Base.
  2. Select the BLN file (or whatever file was exported above) and click Open. The file is loaded as a base map.
  3. If more polylines or polygons exist than what you want, you can simply select the extra polylines or polygons and press the DELETE key on the keyboard to delete them.
  4. Once the map shows just want you want it to, turn off the axes in the Contents window (uncheck them).
  5. Click File | Export and re-export the file.


Updated September 11, 2017

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