If my data file has a coordinate system assigned to it, do I need to assign the same coordinate system to the grid in Surfer?

When gridding data in Surfer, the coordinate system information for the data file (if present) is copied to the grid file automatically.  Therefore, if you have assigned a coordinate system to your data file or if a GSR2 file was already present, then it is not necessary to assign the same coordinate system to the grid file. 

If the GSR2 file for the grid was deleted accidentally, it can be recreated by completing the steps below.

  1. Click Grids | Edit | Assign Coordinate System.
  2. In the Open Grid dialog, select your grid file and click Open.
  3. In the Assign Coordinate System dialog, navigate to the appropriate coordinate system (e.g. Predefined | Projected Systems | UTM | North America | North America NAD83 zone 10N).
  4. Click OK.


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Updated October 31, 2018

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