My map scale does not match the units on my map in Surfer. What is wrong?

When the map scale does not match the units of the map, this is usually because the map has been resized by stretching the corners or sides of the map. Stretching a map invalidates the map scale. 


To rectify this:

  1. Select the map and in the status bar, note the physical size of the longest direction for the map (either X or Y).
  2. Select the map and click Home | Selection | Transform.
  3. Set the X Scale and Y Scale both to 1.
  4. Click OK. Now the map is scaled to how Surfer thinks it is and it will match the scale bar.
  5. Now to rescale the map properly, select Map in the Contents window.
  6. Click the Scale tab in the Properties window.
  7. Adjust the scale or size of the map here. Enter the Length noted above in step 1 for the X or Y direction. 


Updated October 27, 2017

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