I'm having a problem installing Voxler. How do I create an Installation Log?

To create an Installation log in Voxler:
  1. Go to Start | Run.
  2. For a local installation, type:

    [drive letter]:\[path]\Setup.exe" /L*v "[drive letter]:\[path]\VoxlerInstall.log


    Replace the [drive letter] and [path] with a drive letter and path on your computer. For example, if the installation CD is in drive D: and you have a C:\temp\ directory on your computer, use the following syntax:

    d:\setup.exe" /L*v "c:\temp\VoxlerInstall.log


    This syntax also works with the EXE file that is provided when Voxler is delivered via the download option.

    c:\download\voxler101.exe" /L*v "c:\download\VoxlerInstall.log


    The download file name is subject to change.

  3. Click OK. After the installation process terminates, the log file is created in the path you specify. Please send the log file to technical support along with the installation message text. 


Updated December 3, 2015

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