How do I align objects in Voxler that have been scaled?

Voxler scales objects outward from their centers, so the XYZ position of one object may not line up with another if the range and center varies.  To work around the problem, apply a Translation factor based on the center and scale.


To reference objects that have the same Z scale that is not equal to the default 1.0 value, but have different ranges, use the following equation to reference Z = 0:

  Ztransform = Zcenter * (Zscale - 1)


To reference a different Z value, use the following equation:

  Ztransform = (Zcenter - Zreference) * (Zscale - 1)


This example discusses Z scaling, but the equations can be used for X and Y scaling as well.


Updated January 7, 2019

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