How can I export a 3D object from Voxler?

Voxler exports the following 3D file formats. Right-click on the module name and choose Save Data to export the following file formats.


3D Object File Formats:

  • Inventor (IV)
  • 3D DXF


3D Lattice File Formats:

Keep XYZ coordinates same as data coordinates:

  • Hierarchical Data Format (HDF): U3, R3, C3, P (See Note 1 below)
  • Iris Explorer (LAT): U3, R3, C3
  • PLOT-3D (P3D + Q): C3 (P)


Set XYZ coordinates to lattice line numbers:

  • Amira Mesh (AM): U3, R3, C3
  • AVS Field (FLD): U3, R3, C3
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIF): U2, U3, B
  • Visualization Toolkit (VTK): U3, R3, C3
  • Voxler Data (VDAT): P



  • Raw Binary (RAW): U3
    (You specify XYZ dimensions on input).


Note 1:

  • U3: Uniform 3D Lattice
  • R3: Rectilinear 3D Lattice
  • C3: Curvilinear 3D Lattice
  • P: Points
  • B: Bitmap


Updated December 9, 2015

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